Built-Up Area Boundaries Consultation Document and the Village Plan Update

East Devon District Council have just circulated a paper for consultation on proposed criteria for defining built-up area boundaries for villages and small towns. You can find the East Devon Villages Plan Update August 2015 consult doc final August 2015 here.

The District Council have provided a guide to the process which can be viewed here. If you wish to comment on the consultation document please write to localplan@eastdevon.gov.uk on or before Monday 21st September 2015 in order that EDDC can prepare the next stage of their Villages Plan.

Please note that small villages such as Offwell are no longer included in the East Devon Villages Plan with regard to BUABs. The revised East Devon Plan is presently awaiting a Planning Inspector’s decision on the whole of East Devon’s future development. EDDC have discarded the part of our Village Plan which included five affordable houses (containing strict conditions and only if insisted on by law) due to their conclusion that Offwell was unsustainable.

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