Offwell Village TalesThe history of Offwell is closely bound to the Copleston family, who were Rectors of Offwell from 1773 to 1954, and their imprint on the village can be widely seen. Bishop Edward Copleston (later Bishop of Llandaff and Dean of St. Paul’s) built the village school in 1840, one of the oldest in the West Country. He is also responsible for the building of various other significant buildings including Offwell House, The Old Rectory, The Bishop’s Tower, the Vestry and the stone cover and pump for the well, known as Offa’s Well, which stands in the middle of the village and from which the village takes its name.

This small booklet was published in 2006. It profiles some of the people who now live in Copleston homes including Offwell House and the Bishop’s Tower. It also includes a profile of Lady Angela Horsley, a member of the Courtenay family, who, as the Earls of Devon owned parts of Offwell in the 16th century.

This booklet can be purchased.

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