Honiton Surgery – Appointment changes!

Honiton Surgery are changing the way patients book appointments from Monday 11th December, due to the fact that the demand on GP appointments is greater than appointment availability.

In the meantime all patients requiring an appointment between Monday 27th November and Friday 8th December should ring in on the day they can come into the surgery.

Appointments will be available on the day only. 

For more information go to: www.honitonsurgery.nhs.uk


Devon County Council’s Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee will ask both the NEW Devon and South Devon & Torbay Clinical Commissioning Groups, which commission services in community hospitals, and NHS Property Services, which now owns the hospitals, to its next meeting on 25 January to report on the future of the hospitals now that most of them have lost their in-patient beds.

The Scrutiny Committee decided to request the discussion at its meeting yesterday (21st) after concerns were raised by Cllr Martin Shaw, who represents Seaton and areas close to Honiton, both places where hospital beds closed this summer. Cllr Shaw is pressing for the contributions to community hospitals made by local communities and Leagues of Friends to be taken into account in planning their futures, and had presented a paper on the subject to the Committee’s September meeting.

Cllr Shaw raised particular concerns over the high rents to be charged by NHS Property Services, the fact that the CCG is committed to paying for space only until the end of the current financial year, and that the CCG has specifically said that existing outpatient services are not guaranteed to continue.

‘Many services can be delivered in community hospitals’, Cllr Shaw emphasised after the meeting. “We should be talking about increasing not reducing the provision close to where patients live. If most services are concentrated in the RD&E, patients will continue to face long journeys into Exeter. With deteriorating public transport many will have to drive in and contribute to the city’s ever-growing congestion. We need joined-up planning at Devon and local levels to make the best use of the hospitals, which are community assets whoever is the legal owner.’

The motion to invite the NHS organisations was proposed by Cllr Claire Wright (Independent) and seconded by Cllr Nick Way (Liberal Democrat).

Martin Shaw

Independent East Devon Alliance County Councillor for Seaton & Colyton


Dear friends,

I have delayed writing to you because we still have no firm news on the future of Seaton, Axminster and Honiton hospitals. A meeting of the core stakeholders for the proposed Axminster-Seaton ‘hub’ (GP practices, councils, Leagues of Friends) has still not happened although it may ‘before Christmas’.

We do know, however, that the CCG is only funding the space in the hospitals until the end of this financial year. It has also said that it will not guarantee that existing outpatient services in the hospitals will be continued. We are still in a very serious situation and together with others I am doing all I can to make progress. As soon as there is further news I will let you know.

Our meeting on 6th October resolved to formalise the group who have been campaigning for the hospitals as the Axe Valley Hospitals Campaign, with the twofold aim of supporting the development of the hub and preventing sale of hospital buildings. I will call a further meeting in the new year to set this up properly.

You may have seen that in today’s View From Seaton and Colyton, Cllr Peter Burrows has complained that he was not invited to this meeting and it was ‘politicised’. I would only point out that Peter has never asked to be put on the email list of campaign supporters. Indeed the email list started at the meeting in Colyford in March. I had posted information about that meeting to a Facebook group which Peter manages, but he deleted it, and subsequently blocked me entirely from the group. Despite asking him to reconsider, I remain barred.

Best wishes,


Martin Shaw

Independent East Devon Alliance County Councillor for Seaton & Colyton

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