Offwell Rural Services Association (ORSA)

The Committee understands that there is some confusion over the continued function of Offwell Rural Services Association (ORSA). To clarify matters we would like to confirm that, despite the closure of the shop, ORSA is continuing in its original form for the benefit of the community. As an organisation ORSA will consider supporting future projects in the Parish, for example they have recently purchased promotional material for the defibrillator which have been distributed throughout the village and are in the process of arranging a First Aid Course (see below).

Bond holders who wished to reclaim their original investment are requested to present their Bond Certificate to any committee member, to enable the finances of the shop to be completed. The committee has now arranged to return monies to those people requesting a refund upon presentation of their bonds, to date.

For further information contact any member of the ORSA committee (see below). ORSA has always been a separate entity to the shop and new committee members are welcome. 


It is proposed to run one or two Basic First Aid courses in the village a little later in the year.

In the first instance, please make your interest known by telephoning 01404 831066 or 831924 or 831305 or  831719 before 20th April and leaving your name and a day in the week which is most preferable to you.

As soon as numbers are worked out further details will be made available.


Current committee members are: 

Sam Paveley (831450)

Helen Garwood (831305)

Lynn Whithear (831924)

Dawn Mulrain (831719)

Marian Tucker (831066) – Secretary

Brab Hallowes (831829)


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