Offwell Village Defibrillator


Offwell Parish Council, alongside The Community Heartbeat Trust, have now installed a defibrillator (AED) in the village telephone box. The AED is housed inside the yellow box and this is now ready to be used by anyone within the community to deal with a sudden cardiac arrest. A VETS team (Volunteer Emergency Telephone System) is now in place in Offwell. VETS is a community run system and enables the volunteers to fetch the defibrillator and assist with a sudden cardiac arrest.

Parishioners should by now have received a VETS leaflet plus phone labels and if anyone would like further information about the scheme please contact  Tina Sauvage on

Rather than file the phone labels away it would be a good idea to stick them on your main ‘phone or on the fridge. Speedy response in an emergency can make the difference between life and death. Trying to remember where you have put the ‘phone number could waste valuable time.

The VETS number is 01404 565911

For further information please see the attached document … vets-poster-text-offwell-1


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