Parish Council News including Agenda for February 19th

Agenda for


Social Club on Monday 19th February 2018 at 7.30pm


There is a 15 minute session where any member of the public may speak for three minutes on any of the topics to be discussed below.


1. Apologies

2. Declaration of Interests

3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th January 2018

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes

5. Reports: (a) Police (b) District and County Councillors (c) Any Other Reports

6. Correspondence

7. Finance a) To approve payment of £238.12 for the Clerk’s salary for the period 11th December 2017 to 8th January 2018. b) To approve payment of £45.80 be paid to HMRC for PAYE for same period c) To approve payment of £118.11 to P & M Jolly for plants and bulbs for Offwell Haycart planting 2017

8. Statements

9. Planning Applications

10. 30mph speed limit proposals

11. Neighbourhood Watch

12. Agenda Items for Next Meeting

13. Date and Time of Next Meeting

Parish Council Meetings

A reminder that Parish Council meetings are held monthly and any issues you want discussed at PC meetings must be passed to the Clerk nine full days prior to the meeting date, nothing can be added to the agenda after that date. If a member of the public wishes to speak during the Open Session at the beginning of Council meetings they can do so for 5 minutes only. Members of the public cannot comment during any of the agenda items after the Open Session although they are very welcome to observe.

The parish clerk’s name is Adrian Jenkins and his email address is

Please go to the Parish Council page for the dates of all 2018 Parish Council meetings including the AGM.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 19th February.


Offwell Planning Applications

Details for Planning Application – 17/2985/FUL – 8 Four Acres Close Offwell Honiton EX14 9SX can be found here:

Details for Planning Application – 17/2875/FUL – Stonewick, Offwell, Honiton EX14 9SB can be found here:


Please be aware that help is at hand if you are at all concerned about ice problems at  any time over the winter. If you contact Alec Small(Parish Chairman and Snow Warden) on 01404 46912 he will either grit the problem area or can drop off some salt for you to use.

Alex also holds a supply of a few sandbags available if there is a flood problem.


The dates for the mobile library for 2018 are:-

Friday March  2 & 23

Friday April 27

Friday May 25

Friday June 22

Friday July 20

Friday August 17

Friday September 14

Friday October 12

Friday November 9

Friday December 7


The Offwell stop for the library is the School arriving at 10:30, departing at 11:00

A parishioner has proposed that Zig-zag lines should be painted outside Offwell School to ease the growing parking problems in the centre of the village, particularly during the weekday hours when children are being delivered to and collected from school. The Parish Council are due to discuss the proposal at their next meeting on Monday 18th December 2017 and would welcome hearing from parishioners their views on this matter. If you have a view, either for or against, can you please email the Parish Council Clerk: before Friday 15th December.

While it may be well known that you can’t park on yellow zig-zag lines, you also can’t wait or even stop momentarily to drop off or pick up passengers, according to the UK Highway Code.

Parking tickets can be issued to anyone stopping on zig-zags at school run times.


EDDC have produced an A-Z of recycling and disposals. This is a handy list of every day materials that you can recycle and separate in to your green box, green sack and blue food waste bin for weekly collection from the kerbside.  Items that EDDC are unable to recycle are also listed; these will need to go in to your waste bin which is collected every three weeks. You can see the A-Z list here: A-Z materials

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 18th December 2017 in the Jubilee Room at the Social Club.

Any issues you want discussed at PC meetings must be passed to the Clerk nine full days prior to the meeting date as nothing can be added to the agenda after that date.

Parish Accounts Audit

To view the audited accounts of the Parish Council please see here: Offwell Parish Council Accounts Audit YE 31-3-2017[292]

Recycling Leaflet

Please find the latest copy of the leaflet here: Recycling Leaflet (1) (1)


Offwell Housing Needs Survey – Results

Following are links to the:

Housing Needs Report: Draft report Offwell 

Site Suggestions and Comments : Site Suggestions & comments

 Options Appraisal Report: Options Appraisal Report Offwell 

The Minutes for the Parish Council meeting held on 15th May 2017 can be found on the Parish Council Page.

Councillors will be considering the Housing Needs Report and the options at the Parish Council meeting on 17th July 2017. If anyone has any comments they wish to make can they please email the Clerk or a Councillor before 10th July 2017.



Fibre Broadband

We have been advised by the organisation Connecting Devon and Somerset that “Wilmington cabinet 2 went live at the start of this month and residents connected to it should now be able to order a service”. Their website advises that you will need to check with an internet service provider (ISP) in order to determine which cabinet you are connected to. They will also be able to conduct a line check to see if a fibre service is available at your premises; as well as gain an estimate for the potential line speed.


Minutes of all Parish Council meetings can be found on the Parish Council Page on this website.


Parish Lengthsman

The Parish Council are presently looking for someone to take on the role of Parish Lengthsman. For more details regarding the role of Lengthsman please email the Clerk – Adrian Jenkins at



East Devon Local Plan

The Inspectors reports into Examination of the New East Devon Local Plan and the East Devon Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule  have been received. For further information please look on the Parish Council Page of the Website under East Devon Local Plan.




Householders can access the Devon County Council website to report works required by the Lengsthman, in the same way they can report potholes or claims for damage to vehicles caused by potholes. Go to:

Report a problem

The Highways Department can also be contacted with any complaints regarding the standard of work carried out by the Lengsthman. ( At a recent parish council meeting there were a number of complaints concerning the effectiveness of the current system.)

Telephone number for Devon Highways:  0845 155 1004

Emergencies only: 01392 383329


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