Taken into Offwell Village life and Education

The editor has just received the following email from Mr. Len Haddon:

“I reached Offwell Village on the 1st September, 1939 and I was happily billeted with the Stanley family from that date up to November 1941 when my parents thought that my village school education was lacking. I have returned to the village several times in my adult years and have been truly amazed at the transformation to the village. Tomorrow, 1st September, is the 76th anniversary of my arrival at the village as a 10 year old Cockney lad. Subject to the weather I will be visiting the village for what I have to accept will probably be my last time. I still drive but now approaching my 87th year future trips are somewhat improbable. I know for sure that on this tomorrows trip it will be extremely unlikely that I will meet up with a villager of equal years to that of my own. However, my main mission for this visit will be to place flowers on the STANLEY grave in St.Mary’s cemetery. I remember the STANLEYs with great affection and HIGHER LODGE was my dream home for just over the 2 years.”

We would love to hear from other evacuees with wartime memories of Offwell. Please write to editor@offwell.org.

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