Vigils at Seaton and Honiton Hospitals – August 2017


“NEW Devon CCG intends to permanently close the remaining in-patient beds in Seaton and District Community Hospital next week (beds in Okehampton will close at the same time and in Honiton the following week). Closure has been brought forward, they say, as staff have gone to other jobs, but of course the failure of Devon County Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee to properly scrutinise the decision has allowed the CCG to power ahead.

The CCG and the Health Scrutiny Committee have both shamefully ignored the views of the local community and their elected representatives in the town, parish, district and county councils, all of whom opposed this decision.

On the initiative of Cllr Martin Pigott, Vice-Chairman of Seaton Town Council, there will be a vigil outside Seaton Hospital on Monday (21st) from 12 to 1 to protest at the closure. We will express our deep concern about the very future of Seaton and the other community hospitals, handed by the Government to NHS Property Services which will charge the RD&E a ‘market rent’ for the buildings despite the huge input of funds by the local communities.

There will be a vigil at Honiton Hospital on Monday 28th August at 11 am.

The original 1992 booklet by Mary Wood on the campaign to build Seaton Hospital, ‘That’s What Friends Are For’, is now online at I will shortly add information about the funding provided by the League over the last quarter of a century. The hospital belongs to the community, not NHS Property Services.

I hope to see you on Monday!


Martin Shaw

Independent East Devon Alliance County Councillor for Seaton & Colyton”


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